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Jacques Delahaye
June 17, 1928 - May 13, 2010

Julien Alvard

Julien Alvard.
Text: "J.C. Delahaye" from: QUADRUM 2 - Revue Internationale d'Art Moderne (p. 174),
Exhibition Brussels, November 1956.
(re-published: Jacques Delahaye - The Sculptor, Kettler Kunst, 2006.
Publisher: Theo Bergenthal / Joachim Stracke)

"J.C. Delahaye"

by Julien Alvard

Two years ago, in the Verneuil Gallery, on the occasion of a  sculpture exhibition, one could see a rather bulky figure, suspended  under the ceiling like a bat. That was the "Big Insect" by J.C.  Delahaye. This great insect of wooden slats hovered like a Don  Quichottesque apparition over the erected stones and soldered iron bars in the exhibit. One felt, that this appearance was somehow out of  place. This was an undeniable advantage that set them apart from the  environment for their uniqueness. It took nothing more to draw attention to its creator. The  confirmation of this was given by the following  work by Delahaye, which this time are based on human - animal  metamorphoses. Designed with a keen sense for coincidences and  fractures, the resulting animal shapes seem to form a fragile whole by  joining pieces of wood and allowing the artist to choose to create  different states of tension. The long splinters he uses, with their  extensive forms  let us think about animals, stretched to the extreme.  Whether it is fish, snakes or cats, everywhere you will find a kind of  magnetic field of tension again. One might shy away from such a fragile  technique, as it is sculptures made of wood and plaster. But to the  extent that the approach to form reflects freedom and diversity, it  reveals, it must be recognized, an unexpected and fascinating creative  force.






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